Are you finally ready to remove your swimming pool? Are you trying to find the right pool removal company for your needs? Remove A Pool offers reliable and comprehensive West York, Pennsylvania swimming pool service at a competitive price. Removing a swimming pool provides numerous benefits including decreasing hazards, eliminating pool expenses and reclaiming valuable yard space.

Our High-Quality West York Pennsylvania Swimming Pool Removal Process

Our team of experts are able to safely remove any size pool. Our experience ensures high-level results each time. We provide a free estimate to each of potential customers. Next, our team researches and acquires the right permits for pool demolition.

Prior to beginning our demolition process, our crew members will drain your pool and disconnect any remaining utilities. Using the top of the line equipment and proven techniques for swimming pool removal in West York, we offer two types of pool demolition services.

  • Full Removal: Your pool’s entire structure is broken into smaller pieces for easier handling. We remove all the pieces from your property. The process leaves you with no pool-related restrictions for future building.
  • Partial Removal: Less costly method with a faster rate of turn around, our demolition specialists will remove only the upper part of the pool. Leaving a large portion intact, the rest of the pool remains.

Each process requires our team to finalize the process by packing the area with gravel and topsoil. Our demolition specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in grading and site preparation. We know the importance of a properly prepared area for future building or landscaping projects.

We to exceed your expectations for swimming pool removal in West York. When you are ready, simply fill out the “Contact Us” form on our website or give us a call. Remove A Pool is more than happy to answer any of your questions.