Are you getting ready to change your property’s landscape? Is removing your swimming pool vital in making your backyard dream a reality? Offering high-quality swimming pool removal services in Pottstown, Remove A Pool is ready to serve. Our experienced pool demolition team uses safe, highly tested methods to ensure optimal results.

Many of our valued customers connect with our services to reclaim yard space for landscaping or building projects. But our past clients give other valid reasons for swimming pool removal including:

  • Sitting idle, the pool is a liability and potential hazard
  • The weather never seems right for swimming.
  • The pool needs extensive repairs.
  • Replacing the current pool with a larger, more energy efficient model.
  • Placing the home on the market.
  • Monthly pool expenses keep rising.

The above list is only a handful of reasons from our clients.

Our Pottstown Swimming Pool Removal Process

We at Remove A Pool begin our guaranteed customer satisfaction by offering a free estimate. Our experts will discuss the details of your swimming pool demo needs. We will come up with an estimate and develop a plan of action.

Acquiring the proper permits first, we proceed with state of the art demolition process. We offer two high-quality choices: partial and full swimming pool removal. If you need more information on the right option for you, do not hesitate to ask questions.

  • Partial: Removing only the top part of the swimming pool, our experts leave the remaining portion in the ground.
  • Full: Our experts remove every part of your swimming pool.

Removing a swimming pool creates a lot of debris. Sorting any usable materials for recycling, we dispose of the rest of the materials in a safe manner. We finalize your the project by filling in any open cavities with gravel and topsoil. At this time, our experienced demolition team may engage in site preparation and grading to prepare you for your next project.

If you ready for your free estimate for your swimming pool removal in Pottstown, please contact us at Remove A Pool PA today.