Are you a homeowner looking to redo your backyard? Is your swimming pool stopping you? Your next step should be a call the experts at Remove A Pool. We are the leading Lansdale, Pennsylvania swimming pool removal company. Providing high standard customer service, we are ready to help you move forward with your new outdoor living project.

Reasons for Swimming Pool Removal in Lansdale

Along with creating a new landscaping project, our valued customers have other valid reasons for swimming pool removal in Lansdale.

  • No one uses the pool anymore.
  • The maintenance and repairs costs keep rising.
  • Need to make room for a larger or energy efficient swimming pool.
  • Placing the home on the market.
  • Reducing liabilities and potential hazards.
  • Decreasing energy and water consumption.

Our Highly-Reputable Lansdale, Pennsylvania Swimming Pool Removal Process

We at Remove A Pool want to meet and exceed your expectations for high-quality swimming pool removal services in Lansdale.


Our free no-obligation estimate is our first step in superior customer service process. Our pool removal experts will assess your exact needs. Providing a competitive quote, we develop a plan of action and set a date.


Prior to arriving, our team acquires any necessary permits and checks local ordinances. We want your swimming pool removal in Lansdale to be a stress-free experience.

Pool Removal

Our fully trained, experienced pool removal specialists are prompt, friendly professionals. Using high-grade equipment and proven techniques, our expert demolition process minimizes the impact on your property. Remove A Pool PA offers two choices for swimming pool removal in Lansdale.

After we check utility lines, we begin both processes by breaking the concrete down into smaller easier to handle pieces.

  • Abandonment: Removing most the concrete components of the swimming pool, we leave the rest of the structure behind. Abandonment is generally a less costly solution with a faster turnaround rate.
  • Exhumation: We remove all components of your swimming pool from your property. Exhumation eliminates the possibility of any future building restrictions related to the swimming pool.

We finalize both processes by filling any empty spaces with gravel and topsoil. Our pool removal experts smooth and pack the area for superior results.


Part of swimming pool removal process is cleanup. Understanding the value of your property, our team removes the concrete and any remaining debris. If possible, we recycle any usable materials. The process reduces costs for us and our valued customers. Recycling also allows us to do our part for the environment.

If you are ready for your free estimate or have questions about our high-quality swimming pool removal in Lansdale, please contact us at Remove A Pool today.