Are you a homeowner, renovator, Realtor, or property investor who needs a simple, reliable way to get rid of an unwanted pool?

We’re Remove A Pool, your local Harrisburg, Pennsylvania swimming pool removal specialists, and for more than 25 years we’ve been providing our discerning clients with the professional, no-stress pool removal solution. We disconnect, demolish, and remove all types of swimming pools and hot tubs, including in-ground pools, indoor Jacuzzi tubs, infinity pools, and more.

Professional, Licensed Swimming Pool Removal In Harrisburg, PA

Here at Remove A Pool, we take pride in delivering high-quality pool removal services. Every member of our team has been hand-selected and background checked, and we carry comprehensive liability and workers’ compensation insurance for your protection.

As fully licensed pool removal contractors we comply with all building codes, environmental regulations, and safety standards related to pool disconnection, demolition, and site restoration. When you hire us to complete your next Harrisburg Pennsylvania swimming pool removal project, you can rest assured that every step in the project will be completed correctly, the first time.

Want To Reduce Your Liability? Have Your Swimming Pool Removed

Swimming pools can enhance the look of your backyard and provide you and your family with hours of fun, however, like all large structures, pools tend to deteriorate over time. It’s common for older pools to develop cracks, which can lead to serious flooding problems on both your property and adjacent homes, leaving you vulnerable to costly liability claims.

Another very real risk that comes with owning a backyard pool is the possibility that someone will be seriously injured in or around your pool, which is why homeowners who have their swimming pool removed often enjoy significant savings on their home insurance costs. Even if someone trespasses onto your property and uses your pool without your permission, you could be held responsible if they are hurt in the process.

Helping You Reclaim Your Outdoor Space

While our pool demolition services can help you reduce your liability and save you money on your insurance and utility costs, another big benefit is all the extra space you’ll suddenly have in your backyard.

At Remove A Pool, we often work with clients who want to reclaim their outdoor space and transform the area where their pool sits into a functional, attractive patio, spacious garden, or low-maintenance playground for their kids. And because our swimming pool removal procedure includes complete site restoration that leaves your yard safe, level, and ready for your next project, you can start creating your dream backyard sooner than you thought.

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To schedule your complimentary, no-obligation estimate for removing your pool, contact us today. Our team will inspect your pool, explain your options, and leave you with a clear, up-front quote that covers all the permits, utility work, demolition, and restoration it takes to completely transform your yard.