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Start by calling us here at Remove A Pool to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation quote. Our friendly, experienced estimator will meet with you, answer all of your questions about swimming pool demolition, and provide you with a clear, custom quote that covers everything that’s needed to complete your pool removal project safely.

Premium Pool Demolition and Disposal

As the nation’s most trusted provider of pool removal services, we work with discerning homeowners, Realtors, landscape architects, and property investors who need fast, simple solutions for their unwanted swimming pools.

We take pride in our world-class customer service, high-quality workmanship, and attention to detail that’s second to none. All of the equipment we use is well-maintained, and the work we do meets or exceeds all county, state, and federal regulations related to pool demolition, disposal, and site remediation.

When you hire us for your project, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and plan how you’ll enjoy your outdoor space once your old pool is gone. We’ll purchase the demolition permits, take care of the utility disconnections, demolish your pool, and haul away all the debris. Before we finish we’ll fill in the hole in your yard and level it out, leaving your property ready for your next project.

Partial and Full In-Ground Pool Removal in Doylestown, PA

Here at Remove A Pool, we offer two types of in-ground pool removal – partial pool removal and full pool removal.

Partial pool removal is the most economical option because it involves demolition of only the upper-most portion of the pool structure. The remaining portion of the pool is left in place, multiple drainage holes are punched into it, and the pool is completely filled and leveled off. This method is popular among homeowners who simply want to replace their pool with a level, low-maintenance lawn using the fastest, most affordable option available.

We also perform full pool removals which involve the demolition and extraction of the entire pool structure prior to the filling and leveling off of the site. Because this is a more labor-intensive process, the upfront costs are higher when compared to partial pool removal, however, this option completely removes all signs of the swimming pool from your property so you can build on the site where your pool once was.

If you’re unsure which option is right for you, we’re happy to inspect your pool, explain the advantages of each method, and provide you with a quote that lets you compare the costs between the two services.

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