Updating and changing your property is a natural process for every homeowner. Landscape changes or building additions requires extra yard space. If your swimming pool is an obstacle to your plans, let us at Remove A Pool help you achieve your plans. Committed to high-level customer services our experts provide safe and efficient Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania swimming pool removal services.

Adding yard space is only one of the reasons for swimming pool removal in Cheltenham Township. Working closely with our past customers, we hear all types of reasons for engaging our premium services.

  • No one uses the pool anymore. Children have grown or do not want to swim alone.
  • Putting the property on the market.
  • Chemicals, cleaning, and other pool-related expenses keep rising.
  • Installing a new higher efficient model
  • Going green and need to reduce utility consumption

Our Premium Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania Swimming Pool Removal Process

We start our swimming pool removal service with a free estimate. Our experts will discuss all your pool removal needs to design the best plan. After accepting our estimate, our team begins all the necessary paperwork. Saving you time and money, we check local ordinances and obtain the proper permits.

Our premium swimming pool removal demolition process yields high-end results. Upon arrival to your property, we check for any remaining utility connections and drain the pool. Remove A Pool offers two types of pool demolition.

  • Partial Pool Removal: Generally a less costly option with a faster rate of turnaround, partial pool removal requires our crew to remove only the upper portion. Drilling holes in the bottom of the pool, we leave the rest of the structure behind.
  • Full Pool Removal: Eliminating any pool related building restrictions; our crew removes all components of the pool from your property.

Pool removal creates a large amount of debris. Our crew removes any usable materials for recycling. Disposing of the rest of the debris in a proper manner, we follow all rules and regulations. Next, our experts fill in any open spaces with gravel and topsoil. If required, our Remove A Pool specialists are able to grade and site prep for your next project.

Do you have any questions regarding our Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania swimming pool removal process? Do not hesitate to contact us, our experts are available to answer all your questions.