Having a pool on your property can be a lot of fun, but as a pool owner, you know that maintaining a private pool is expensive and time-consuming. If you’ve decided it’s time to reclaim your outdoor space by hiring a contractor that specializes in swimming pool removal in Abington Township, give us a call here at Remove A Pool.

We’ve been delivering the professional, no-stress pool removal solution across the country for more than 25 years, and we’re proud to now offer Abington Township, Pennsylvania swimming pool removal, disposal, and site restoration services.

Our services include everything it takes to complete your pool removal project safely and efficiently. We take care of all the demolition permits, utility disconnections and inspections for you, and our team of fully licensed and insured pool removal contractors use high-quality equipment to complete your job quickly. We have the skills and experience needed to remove any type of pool or spa, regardless of how old it is, what condition it’s in, or where it’s located.

Partial or Full Pool Removal – It’s Your Choice

Here at Remove A Pool, we offer two distinct types of in-ground swimming pool removal in Abington Township – partial and full. While both options leave your backyard level, safe, and free of any visible signs there was ever a pool on your property, there are significant differences between these two services that you need to consider.

Full pool removal is exactly what it sounds like – it includes the demolition and extraction of your entire swimming pool, and filling and leveling of the project site with a blend of clean aggregates. This process is very labor-intensive and results in higher disposal costs, however, it also completely removes all signs that there was ever a pool on your property, which is an important consideration if you think you might want to build on the space where your pool is right now. Having your entire pool removed can also help to increase your property value since prospective buyers won’t be limited in what they can do with the space where your pool once was.

Partial pool removal involves the demolition and removal of only the upper 18″ to 36″ of your pool and any surrounding decking material. Multiple drainage holes are punched in the remaining portion of the pool to prevent flooding, and the entire pool structure is filled in and compacted down. This option limits what you can do with your property once your pool is removed, however, if your goal is to simply replace your swimming pool with a nice level lawn, you might find that this economical choice meets your needs.

Free Abington Township Estimate 

To learn more about our comprehensive Abington Township, Pennsylvania swimming pool removal services, call us here at Remove A Pool. We’ll inspect your pool, discuss all your options, and leave you with a clear, up-front quote that makes it easy for you to see the total cost of having your old pool taken out